Build Day 15

We returned from Canada so time to get everybody back together and get this project moving fwd again. Great turn out thanks for everyone that took the time to welcome us back and get back into the swing of things.

Great progess for a first day back with the car. New roll cage arrived and we welded all off the new mounting points into the chassis, this was done with steel bushes to prevent the crushing and weakening of the chassis when the cage is installed. Also added some side intrusion bars, descided to tig those in as well rather than the instructed bolting. Fit looks good, all ready for the bodywork to arrive.

Julian from Aerodynamix also spend alot of the day with us, was great to have his input and invaluable to have him on the team. Julian will be helping us produce the custom bonnet and some other bodywork bits and bobs. He also dropped off a rather nice carbon aeroscreen to be fitted later on in proceedings!

29th March 2012 – Build Day 12.5 – Finishing off the engine mounts

James and Jon spent the evening finishing off the engine mounts. We re-worked the near side to improve the design slightly. Cut the nylon mounts to get the engine at the correct height, all looks good. If we can find a bonnet with a scoop accross the entire width then everything will fit in just fine. We do have a lot of space at the front of the engine bay… Triple rotor? Intercooler?