Build day 2 – 12th November 2011

Jon, Chris F, Chris B, James and Nigel.

Chris F and Jon made a good start by removing (almost) all the rivets.  We then set about grinding off any un-necessary metal work.

We then offered up the engine and planned the mountings etc.

Chilli and potatoes for lunch mmmmm….it was yummy!


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12th November 2011

jon and Snooze

Been a lkittle naughty not filling in the log…!

Last week Snooze and I made the first Carbon Fibre panel for the little car, semi successful and bodes well for future attempts.

Just clearing the garage in preparation for the boys – watch this space 8-)

Build Day 1 – 12th October 2011

Nigel, Chris B, Craig & Jon:

Started day with a car rolling around the garage looking like a car! This looked boring, so we removed bodywork including all aluminium panels. Still looked too much like a car so we removed rollcage, seats & floors. After all our hard work and thinking we stopped for a beer and bbq!

After refueling, rear suspension, diff and steering column came out too! With a final inspired push by Craig, the front suspension was also gone leaving nothing!!!


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