29th March 2012 – Build Day 12.5 – Finishing off the engine mounts

James and Jon spent the evening finishing off the engine mounts. We re-worked the near side to improve the design slightly. Cut the nylon mounts to get the engine at the correct height, all looks good. If we can find a bonnet with a scoop accross the entire width then everything will fit in just fine. We do have a lot of space at the front of the engine bay… Triple rotor? Intercooler?


17th March 2012 – Build Day 11 – We made an engine :)

Talk about a turning point in the project!

Chris, Nigel and I spent the whole day building the engine. Once we had worked out which rotor when where and worked out the trick for inserting apex seals and springs it all went swimmingly well. Seems to have some compression when it is turned over by hand so it looks like we have success. Time will tell!