Build Day 3 – 3rd December 2011

Jon, Chris B, Chris F (1/2), Nigel, Mick, Paul:

Nigel and Mick made beautiful braces to stiffen up the diff. Chris made some mounts for the gearbox. Paul did some of the chages to the rails round the engine. Jon did a lot of welding! Pizza for lunch.


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Build day 2 – 12th November 2011

Jon, Chris F, Chris B, James and Nigel.

Chris F and Jon made a good start by removing (almost) all the rivets.  We then set about grinding off any un-necessary metal work.

We then offered up the engine and planned the mountings etc.

Chilli and potatoes for lunch mmmmm….it was yummy!


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12th November 2011

jon and Snooze

Been a lkittle naughty not filling in the log…!

Last week Snooze and I made the first Carbon Fibre panel for the little car, semi successful and bodes well for future attempts.

Just clearing the garage in preparation for the boys – watch this space 8-)

Build Day 1 – 12th October 2011

Nigel, Chris B, Craig & Jon:

Started day with a car rolling around the garage looking like a car! This looked boring, so we removed bodywork including all aluminium panels. Still looked too much like a car so we removed rollcage, seats & floors. After all our hard work and thinking we stopped for a beer and bbq!

After refueling, rear suspension, diff and steering column came out too! With a final inspired push by Craig, the front suspension was also gone leaving nothing!!!


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