17th March 2012 – Build Day 11 – We made an engine :)

Talk about a turning point in the project!

Chris, Nigel and I spent the whole day building the engine. Once we had worked out which rotor when where and worked out the trick for inserting apex seals and springs it all went swimmingly well. Seems to have some compression when it is turned over by hand so it looks like we have success. Time will tell!

11th February 2012 – Build day 8 (The car sits on it’s own wheels!)

Great turn out today:

Craig, Craig’s brother (his name escapes me but he was a big legend!), James, Dan, Micheal, Chris B.

As all the CF paneling is now complete the car was removed from the dinning room as we can no longer use the excuse of adhesive cure temperature to keep it there!  That went without a hitch and back out through the patio doors and into the garage again, at that point we realised that the thermometer was showing -9c…  We shut the garage door down and fired up the heater!

Loads of stuff done today:

Craig fitted up the removable tunnel top sections. (one for transmission and one for prop shaft to diff bolts), riv-nuts in the chassis and nice dome head aluminum fasteners looks really good.  There was also a family effort on the scuttle top to clear the steering column, must get some more adhesive to get that stuck down.

‘The Legend” set to work on the old diff.  He cleaned up the mating surfaces with a scraper applied some liquid gasket and torqued up the housing bolts.  Then commenced a mammoth session with the wire brush to clean the thing up, it must have been a two hour job but the end results look great!  Thanks chap…

While this was all going on James had re-assembled the rear suspension, there was a small amount of bolt confusion but that was resolved when James and Dan created the worlds worst lathe and turned two bolts down slightly.

Chris and Mick painted up the steering column mid section and that was fitted up.  We can pretend to steer the car again.

Team effort got the diff back in the chassis.  Drive shafts connected inserted and the outer flanges bolted up.  Wheels went back on to make us feel better an the car was put on the floor for some pretend stationary racing.

Master cylinders were cleaned and bolted up to the pedal box.

Finally we fitted up the new front brake hoses, although I think they are too long.

Loads of pictures of the first half of the day more to come of the finished article!

8th February 2012 – Build Day 7.75 (The revenge of Nigel’s crankcase)

Wednesday night was set aside to repair Nigel’s crankcase.  If you follow his blog you will know that on dismantling his ‘chummy’ engine he found that a late (non-magneto) crank had been used and was contacting the crank case where the casing is relieved for the magneto.  This had caused a crack to run up the side of the crank case.

So I promised that I would have a go a running a weld up the crack with the tig.  Little did I know what I was letting myself in for!  The main problem seemed to be contamination of the casting, porous ali and 70 years of soaking meant that there was oil everywhere.  In the end we found the best method was running the tig torch up and down the area to heat and clean (you could see the oil moving out of the heated area).  Then I ground out the crack with a die grinder, cleaned with alcohol, heated again.  In the end we got there, I found that increasing the welding frequency also improved things a lot.

Hopefully it will be serviceable Nigel is due to start grinding it back flush this weekend.

We did get something done on the Westie, we dismantled the LHS rear upright and pressed new bearings into both of the uprights.  Managed to blow the seal in my press in the process :(

29th January 2012 – Build Day 7 – The car creeps in through the patio door ;)

Build day 7 – Jonny Mac, Craig L and Jon

Perhaps the best day yet, mainly because of Suzanne’s face when she came home from shopping…

So the day started slowly following the beer drinking with Jon the night before, nothing a sausage and bacon sandwich couldn’t fix.  So we set out to finish the rest of the chassis panels and got them sorted pronto quick in the morning.

The next job was to start gluing all the carbon panels to the chassis, problem is the epoxy adhesive would take about three weeks to cure at the 3 degrees ambient temperature it is currently.  The solution was simple – there was a large warm house only meters away from the garage, luckily the dinning room has large patio doors about the right size for a chassis to go through.

So the decision was made and we embarked on a journey across the garden and into the dinning room!

I will let the pictures guide you through the process…

28th January 2012 – Bulid Day 6

Just the two Jon’s today.  We started the day attacking the Rivet Racing IT.  The first job was an easy one mounting the web camera to the wall of the garage.  Then it all started to go a little bit wrong.  First of all getting the wireless repeater to work required witch craft.  We could get the repeater working, but not the main router or the other way around but never both!  In the end we got there but hit a stumbling block in trying to work out the stream relaying so it could be served out from the data centre…  Humph!

Tail between our legs we decided to seek solace (and lunch) at the pub.  A couple of pints and a fish finger sandwich each later we were fed up with IT and decided to do some work on the car.

The afternoon was good and productive and we finished up a few more carbon panels, the evening ended with beer taking priority over the car ;)

27th January 2012 – Build Day 5.5

An impromptu get together of James, Paul and Jon S following some unexpected evenings out of partners and a change of plan for Paul’s evenings entertainment.  So in true team style they both volunteered to invade the garage and carry on with getting some build done.

It ended up being a bit of an epic nights work finishing up at midnight but we got a lot of fiddly bits done.  James and I managed to get the rear panel blank cut out and fitted up which took hours of trial and error to get a good fit, end result look really good though.

While we were doing that Paul painstakingly removed the rear wishbone bushes to get rid of some more powder coat to see if we could getter a better fit.  Again all the hard work has paid off with the fit being far looser to cut down pre-load but still without any lateral movement thanks to the nylon bushings.  Managed to damage a couple of the bushes removing them but no problem they will be with us shortly next week.

Pictures to follow as they are currently all on Paul’s camera…